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#analogphotographyisgrowing has been our battle cry for 10 years, which is the reason that drives us daily to do what we do and to act so that analog photography keeps prospering.

Our commitment holds even more meaning today. We are facing a difficult period, as there has been in recent history. We are locked in our houses, we cannot pursue our daily activities which define us for who we are and, as never before, we need something to hold on to keep feeling alive and to keep the world run.

We need you to make it happen: from the professional to the amateur one, from the film producer to the small retailer. We literally put our face on it by launching the #IDEVELOPATHOME initiative and starting to develop our film live on the website, involving as many people as possible and encouraging everyone to do the same.

This is the reason for our call: photographers from all over the world, enthusiasts of all ages, develop. And share with us your moments, your shots, your thoughts using the hashtag #IDEVELOPATHOME on all social platforms.

In this way we will overcome this moment together, showing the world that art does not stop, photography does not stop, experimentation and creativity do not stop, life does not stop.

Stay safe. Stay analog.


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